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Kazoom Cafe


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Kazoom Café is a Family Entertainment Center located in Saint Laurent, QC. We specialize in happily offering our Family Venue for customers who are looking for a Kid’s Play Centre, Kid’s Birthday Parties, Kid Party, Kid Party Venue, Children’s Indoor Playground, Kid’s Centre, Indoor Play Centre, Family Fun Centre, Kids Fun Place, Kid’s Birthday Packages, Children’s Play Date Venue, Kid’s Fun Activities, Indoor Playground, Events Venue, and Indoor Jungle Entertainment. We take great pride in helping to make your event an unforgettable occasion, by making sure the food is marvelous, the decor is splendid, the music is family-friendly, as well as all the other facets that we are responsible for coordinating. If you are looking for a Family Entertainment Center then Kazoom Café is the smart choice. Stop by today and experience what we have to offer in the way of a great Family Center.