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The Studio School of Dance

Dance classes for all ages, serving all of Ottawa & Carleton Place

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The Studio School of Dance believes that each child should receive the best dance education possible, with highly certified teachers, and a true family atmosphere The Studio is the right place for kids and adults alike.

TSSD is known for high-quality dance training at all levels of dance, recreational, competitive and adult.
Our extensive dance programs include jazz, tap, ballet, acro, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop classes, technique classes and of course our amazing Kinder Program which promotes coordination, creativity, Self-confidence and a healthy mind and body.

With over 28 years of experience, a truly amazing faculty and wonderful family atmosphere, we know this is the right dance experience for you and your family.

Carleton Place Location
Address: 380 Flora Street, Carleton Place, ON K7C3L7
Phone: 613-253-2533
Email: tssdanceCP@gmail.com