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Treehouse Indoor Playground – North Calgary


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Treehouse Indoor Playground-North Calgary is 13000 sqft including racing zone, arcade and lots more.

A super fun & safe indoor playground that is perfect in any weather all year long.

We are always there for you on those rainy, snowy, cold days when you need to get your kids out of the house to do something fun.

With a wide variety of things to do for all ages, such as a play structure, a bouncy castle, arcade games, we strive to provide the safest and most interactive indoor activities.

Our cafeteria with a huge sitting area and a variety of food and drinks to refuel while you play.

Our private party booking service will help you create the best memories with friends and family.

We offer many weekly specials and discounts as well as free monthly events to add extra excitement!

Don’t miss out, come and play, you could be meeting your future best friend here!