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Ottawa Academy Of Martial Arts


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The Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts (OAMA) team has been planning and developing this program with the anticipation of providing families in the community with a convenient way to maximize the potential of children. Our program will take a harmonious approach to develop the mind, body and spirit of each individual child. We felt there was a need for this program as the number of latchkey children in Canada is a growing concern. A latchkey child is a child aged twelve or under that spends time at home unsupervised. These few hours after school before a parent arrives home from work are very important. Children left unsupervised can engage in undesirable or unproductive behaviours. Statistics Canada estimates that 900,000 Canadian children aged six to thirteen require some form of after school care.

About Ottawa Academy of Matial Arts

We have children coming in to train, as well as champions. The atmosphere of respect for each individual’s goal and the desire to help each other makes training at OAMA such a wonderful experience. Kids improve their self discipline while staying active and building a “can do” spirit which helps in almost all aspects of life. Our anti-bully training is specially useful for shy kids. It helps such kids grow up with a positive mindset about themselves which other trainings might not be able to provide. Adults get a great community to build fitness and let loose all the stress in day to day life. Those who are interested in competing can gain from our successful experience in various championships around the world. Training at OAMA can have different meaning for different people and we respect that and endeavour to provide the best possible training in the most positive friendly environment.

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