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Voiles en Voiles

Adventure Park for all ages in Montreal

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Voiles en Voiles is a family adventure park in the Old Port of Montreal that will make you experience memorable emotions! In summer and winter, take part in the outdoor action in the unique world of royal ships and pirate ships. One of the things to do in Montreal that families love most!

In summer, climb aboard our spectacular life-size ships. Experience our aerial courses that will please both the agile little adventurers and big buccaneers thirsting for thrills. The site also has the Pirates Movie Theatre, climbing walls, inflatable games and a totally safe archery tag arena that will give you adrenaline rushes!

In winter, at Voiles en Voiles you can play outside in our fun universe with diverse winter activities like tube sliding, snow scooter, a hebertism course on the ground and our archery tag games with bow and arrow in foam. And when your cheeks are red, you can warm up on the terrace and enjoy snacks and hot drinks.

Voiles en Voiles offers hours of fun for the whole family and for all ages! 10 aerial routes from 1 m to 10 m high, climbing the wall of the pirate ship, inflatable games park, tag arena with arc and 3D immersive cinema.